Recently I had the good fortune of reconnecting with some cousins I hadn’t seen in ages – not since before the knitting fever felled me for good.

My cousins were kind enough to invite my husband and me over for dinner.  The game of catch-up went (more or less) like this:

Me: Gosh, Blake, it’s been years since we’ve seen each other. What have you been up to?

Blake: I’m excited about the medical treatment I invented. It’s in final clinical trials at a world-renowned hospital. The results are promising – it looks like we’ll be able to cure one of the leading diseases plaguing America!

Blake: How about you, Audrey, what have you been up to? You haven’t been just sitting around knitting, have you? (Chortling, as if this is the lamest thing he can think of.)

[This, followed by my trying to think up an honest response that also wouldn’t embarrass the heck out of both of us. I mean, this was his house and all. And my husband watching me with a bemused look on his face, like “Oh, this should be rich. How’s she gonna answer this one?”]

Me: Why yes, Blake,yes. In fact I have just been sitting around knitting. (And then in a desperate attempt to sound legitimate), I recently had a pattern published. Isn’t that great?

Blake: (Looking as if he had mistakenly invited an alien from Jupiter over) Uh, let’s eat the salad now.

Or crow.

I couldn’t wait to get home and check in with my Ravelry family where I could feel normal once again.