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Echniacea center audknits

Little Forest: Fall Update

Lots of people have asked how my new habitat is coming along. (For those of you who missed it, I planted an acre of native habitat on unwanted lawn.) Of over a hundred trees, only two didn’t make it. We also planted hundreds of berry bushes for the birds, plus groundcover plants and wildflower seeds that will come up next …

River Reflection 2016

Early Fall River

It’s early Fall, with hints of changes to come. These little white wildflowers are in all stages at once – opening, in bloom, and fading away: I was mesmerized by the peaceful Chagrin River: A closer look reveals changing colors:

eddy-apples audknits

Apple Time

A harbinger of changing weather is apple-picking time. Here in Northeast Ohio there are lots of wonderful orchards such as Eddy Fruit Farm in Chesterland. I love all the corn stalk and pumpkin decorations. Picking apples right from the tree is heavenly! As we picked different kinds of apples the sun set, making it a memorable evening. Time for everyone to get …

Peonies_1 audknits

The Peonies Have Started!

For the past few weeks I’ve felt like a little kid happily anticipating Christmas. All spring I look for my peonies to start blooming. I’m crazy for them! This is the first plant to bloom. I should have some other colors come along before too long. – I like the paper-y petals. There are so many subtle color contained in …

Early Spring Wildflowers – Purple Pretties

I’ve been busy designing new patterns, but they’re not yet ready for prime time. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy some wildflower photos. I’ll post one or two every few days. Here’s a field of purple pretties. I don’t know what they’re called. If you know these, please leave a comment!

California Clouds

California is a special place. Over the next few months I will interrupt the knitting photos to post random scenics. I hope you enjoy them! It’s unusual for us to get big fluffy clouds in our neck of the woods.

San Simeon State Park

Thank you to everyone who commented on my blogiversary posts. It was fun celebrating with my blog readers. I appreciate you all! You know how much I love nature. Here are some shots from a hike on the east side of the San Simeon State Park in the Central Coast area of California. While the beach is nice, I enjoy …