I’m the “Aud” of AudKnits. I started knitting in 2004. My dear friend and knitter extraordinaire Margaret taught me my knits and purls while I was laid up from a foot operation. Margaret’s friendship turned out to be a precursor of the camaraderie I feel today when I knit with others.

Knitting fueled my zeal for learning. I took class after class, mastering new techniques. Along the way I designed a few patterns and was encouraged when my work first became published. Like so many other knitters, I joined the Ravelry community and was endlessly inspired. I was grateful to have a place to showcase my designs.

I ended up being obsessed with designing reversible scarves. I wanted to make scarves that looked beautiful on both sides so they looked nice no matter which way they were tied. This passion led to my book “Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues.”

I’ve had a great time over the years since I started my blog. I’ve made many new friends. I discovered I love to teach. Along the way I’ve enjoyed passing along little tips that have made big differences in how much I love to knit. You’ll find them in my blog entries and in the Tips + Techniques section.  I hope you’ll find them useful! There’s even an AudKnits YouTube channel which includes some instructional videos.

I hope you enjoy AudKnits. Happy knitting to all!

Audrey Knight