Ok, whoever you are, fess up. You stole summer while I wasn’t looking. I want it back.

I feel like my husband’s photographs form bookmarks around an entire missing season.

In the spring a coyote family moved into one of our culverts in California. Here you can see one of them (the boy, I bet) stepping on the other (probably a sister). I love his impish look, and her howling in protest.

Coyote Pups: Photo by Steve Ells

It seems like one minute we’re laughing at coyote pups frolicking near the culvert, the next we’re in Ohio  seeing this:

Early Fall: Photo by Steve Ells

We love hiking on the wonderful trails we’re discovering in Northeast Ohio. I think my husband captured perfectly the end of summer, with its field of yellow flowers on one side of the path, and the beginning of fall, with leaves starting to turn, on the other side.

Somewhere in between, a whole summer occurred.