I’m so glad you’ve discovered my website! My hope is that you’ll find my blog postings, links, and patterns to be sources of inspiration for your own knitting. I’ll be writing about projects I’m working on, tips that I’ve found to be helpful, and best of all the process of designing patterns.

Pattern designing is the most exciting area for me personally (other than that wonderful race to the finish we all feel as we near the end of a project)! It’s a miracle the way a tiny germ of inspiration winds its way through the design process to become an actual thing. After much trial and error, I send my pattern off to my wonderful tech editor. I think I’ve sent it to her perfect – surely this time I’ve corrected all the errors before they’ve gone out! But noooo. There are always changes I need to make to get the pattern right. I want to make sure that anyone buying a pattern from me is getting the best, most accurate pattern I can possibly create. So I also send the pattern and yarn off to a test knitter who makes further suggestions and refinements.

With cool weather coming, you might enjoy knitting my “Gentle Stripes Scarf”. You can download it for free from my pattern store. I made the scarf at a time when I was making a lot of long flights. I wanted something simple, easily transportable, and pretty enough to keep me entertained. The simple stitch pattern was easy to remember, and the Karaoke yarn changed colors nicely. I hope you’ll find it as soothing to knit as I do!