I met this little guy one day when I was out for a long run. When we finally get rain here, the California Newts come out. Newts are related to salamanders. They make their slow trek across roads, which results in unhappy endings when cars come along. When I spot them on the little roads where I live, I always stop and move them out of harm’s way.

When I go out for a long jog, I take my fuel belt which holds not only water bottles, but also my little Canon Elph camera. The fact that I stop to take pictures – even in competitive trail events – shows you how seriously I take my running. Anyway, I was ready when I came upon this newt on the road and needing rescuing.

I use the term “running” loosely when applying it to myself. I’m slow, overweight, and uncoordinated. So it’s really more like waddling. I was born with a crooked leg, which braces never totally straightened out.  

This newt cracks me up because this is pretty much my running style too. If he wore running shoes and was a bit chubbier we’d be twins! I think I was even grimacing the same way he is, since I found him at the top of a steep hill on about mile 6. I’d guess my pace and his aren’t so far off either. Maybe we share the same personal records!

The best part about running is seeing nature and the creatures.