As many of my friends know, I have been shuttling back and forth between the West Coast and Ohio for the past (almost) four years. On this last flight I finally confirmed exactly how much yarn it takes to get from Cleveland to LA.

It takes 100 yards! Isn’t that a nice round number? Twice now I’ve started a flight at the beginning of a ball of Tonatlita, and ended at the just-enough-to-weave-in end. It works for all kinds of yarn. I can get a half a sock completed. Three-quarters of a sleeve.  A third of a scarf.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading for somewhere other than Cleveland, just figure on 1.75 inches per mile between cities.

I would go no-kidding bonkers if it weren’t for knitting. I see other passengers eyeing me enviously, like “She’s got something fun to do, and we just have to sit here. Lucky girl!”

Or they’re just scared of someone as harried looking as me holding sharp objects. I must look a bit crazed; after all, I’m sitting there figuring out how many inches of yarn per mile it’ll take me to arrive at my destination.