Just outside Fredericksburg, Texas, is the most astonishing wildflower farm!

Wildseed Farms has over 200 acres of wildflowers that they use to produce seeds. Visitors are welcome to stroll along the mowed paths through the flowers. They can also visit the garden shop, have a snack, or browse the gift shop.

Widlflowers Wildseed Farms Texas

Similar to the lupines we loved so much in California, in Texas they’re called Bluebonnets. The poppies were a familiar sight as well.

Wildflowers Bluebonnets Poppies

Texans tend to be crazy for their universities, with staunch loyalties and intense rivalries (something I’m getting used to now, being in the thick of Ohio vs Michigan). Texas A&M’s school colors are maroon and white, so this maroon variation is a favorite among “Aggies”.

Wildflowers Bluebonnets

I was lucky to be at Wildseed when the red poppies were in full bloom. I was awestruck by the intensity of the color!

Wildflowers Poppies Texas