I’m on the home stretch of my Make It Mitered Afghan (from Creative Knitting, November 2007). This is the project I like to work on while keeping my husband company during baseball season. I serenely knit while he yells at the television. 

If this picture makes the project look interminable, that’s because it is. I started it in December 2007. I’m pretty sure I’ll have it done by the end of the World Series, possibly even the one this year.

Progress is slow, just like baseball. I’m starting to add the crochet edge. I tried to avoid doing this, since my crochet skills are about as good as my lunar landing skills. But the afghan really benefits from an edge, even a squirrely one.

If you decide to make this afghan, my best advice is to weave in the ends as you go. Each square produces two tails. That’s a LOT of weaving in! For me, the tails went much faster after my knitting buddy Sally taught me how to knit in the tails as went. There’s a nice YouTube video of this technique here.

Truthfully, I’ve enjoyed the heck out of this project. I love the Plymouth Boku yarn colors.  It’s easy to learn how to make the squares, so it’s perfect for mindless knitting. I can even pretend to listen when my husband tries to explain double plays and change-ups. And he pretends to listen while I talk about central double decreases.