I thoroughly enjoyed making these Lockhart Mitts, a Brooklyn Tweed pattern by Leila Raabe. I had some Lorna’s Laces Green Line Worsted in my stash, and was glad to find the perfect use for it.

fingerless mitts, Lockhart, Brooklyn Tweed, twisted stitches

Full of twisted stitches and a few little cables, it’s an entertaining pattern to knit.

I altered things a little. The pattern includes instructions for both a short and a long version. I had plenty of yarn for the short but not enough for the long. I wanted the cuff to come down further below my wrists, so I added 4 rows before row 1 of the main mitt charts (in the same pattern as row 1).

Another small change I made was to use the bumpy side of the cast-on facing out, then casting off purlwise to match.

If I had them to do over again, I’d work the last couple of rows of garter on smaller needles, or work in a couple of decreases, so they’d be snugger around my fingers.

 fingerless mitts, Brooklyn Tweed, twisted stitches

If you’re looking for last minute holiday knitting, Lockhart might fit the bill!

Many thanks to my hubbie Steve Ells for taking these photos. ♥