Taking Jared Flood (brooklyntweed) ‘s workshop on his wonderful KoolHaas Hat pattern reminded me a little bit of summer camp. I remember as a kid being all excited about learning some new craft – making popsicle stick recipe holders or plastic lanyards.

Fast forward, er, a bunch of years. Here we were, eagerly sitting around tables with our materials in front of us – in the grownup version it was yarn and needles – being taught the basics of travelling stitches. Jared showed us how to work his cables without a cable needle. It’s awkward at first, and I think I untwisted some of the twisted stitches when I couldn’t hang onto them. But it’s much faster than having to use the cable needle for every twisted stitch all the way around the hat. Jared is a terrific teacher – he is enthusiastic and explains things well.

I’ve been busy doing some other projects, like the never-ending Make It Mitered Afgan. So here’s the Koolhaas Hat so far.

If you’re interested in seeing how to make cables without a cable needle, and you don’t happen to have Jared handy to show you (boo-hoo), you might like to check out Episode 15 of Let’s Knit2gether.