As I wandered around Stitches West, a lot of people asked me about my bag. It’s the Floral Gathering Sac by Pam Allen, and was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever worked on. The design is so unusual and pretty!

The original pattern does not call for felting, but I wanted a good sturdy bag without having to line it. I swatched and came up with a gauge that’d give me the size bag I wanted. I used good ol’ Cascade 220. Because I wanted the maximum detail, I knitted it single strand on #8 needles. This gave me the crisp points and lines necessary to keep the motifs’ delicate feel.

 The other good thing about felting was that I had done very little intarsia before. Which means I had some wonky stitches where the colors met. I threw the bag in the washing machine and Voila! Wonky stitches magically disappeared.