Sometimes I get carried away looking at knitting sites. This Downton Abbey KAL has me digging for period patterns, and I struck gold when I came across Iva Rose Vinage Reproductions. There is book after book of vintage patterns, and even a way to search them out chronologically. I spent a long, long time wandering through knitting’s history as I browsed these fantastic books.

I admit – I’m re-watching Season 2. Historically, World War I had finally come to a close. I’ll have to start catching up on my vintage pattern-gazing as Season 3 progresses. Still….

This week I was particularly interested in looking at the designs that coincided with the Downton Abbey’s Season 2 time frame. These were in the vintage pattern book called “Columbia Book of Yarns #20 c.1919“. I admired the stylish women’s patterns…..

Downton Abbey KAL, period womens patterns, Iva Rose

Photo courtesy of Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions

Got a chuckle out of how grown up the child in the “Child’s Knitted Sweater looks (I mean really, doesn’t he look like he’s already been shaving for a couple of years?)….

Photo courtesy of Iva Rose Reproductions

And then I came across a reality check that caught me up short. A very sobering reminder of what it might have been like during World War I –  knitted protectors for amputated arms and legs.

World War I patterns, amputation protector, vintage

Photo courtesy of Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions


I love the way Downton Abbey brings history to us. The World War I scenes are so intense. My family has my grandfather’s trunk from World War I, complete with maps of France on waterproof paper. I can’t imagine what it was like, either on the battlefield or at home.

It all reminds me of how blessed I am.



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