I first discovered Chic-a knitting bags and accessories during the recent SLO Yarn Crawl. Their trunk show at Nordic Mart offered up fantastic bags and needle organizers, all in the most delightful patterns! Here’s their line-up of pouches:

Chic-a knitting bags, knitting accessories


Chic-a uses oil cloth for easy cleaning and durability. My favorite thing in the world is to sit in my yard and knit. I like to put my project bag on the ground beside my chair, but regular cloth gets stained and wet. The oil cloth is perfect for my outdoor knitting.

Chic-a project bag

High on my wish list are needle cases. I love my sets of interchangeable needles, but organizing them can be a challenge. And do not ask me why I have so many straight needles…I just do. I would love to have one of these well-thought-out staight needle cases for my overflowing collection!

Chic-a needle cases

I had the pleasure of eating lunch the other day with Joanna Reyes, the owner of Chic-a. She told the the wonderful story about how her penchant for sewing her own project bags led from stocking┬áher local yarn store all the way to a full-fledged company selling bags all over the country. What I like best is that she solicits feedback and suggestions from real-life knitters. She incorporates that input into new products and designs, so her accessories are perfectly suited to our knitterly needs. Such is the case with this incredible Knittenger bag, which holds up to seven balls of yarn, with grommets that feed all the yarns into a section of the bag. It’s great for any large project, but anyone doing colorwork – and especially intarsia – will appreciate how it keeps order among all the yarns.

Chick-a Knittenger bag



If you haven’t seen Chic-a bags in person yet, you can find them in lots of shops around the country. They can also be ordered directly from the Chic-a website.