For me, one of the best things about knitting is that it provides a never-ending opportunity to learn something new. You might say I ‘m a techniques junkie! Through classes or books, I might learn a new variation on a technique I already use. Other times I’m exposed to a whole new way of thinking and creating.

The latter’s the case with the book Bargello Knits. I first met the author, Patty Nance, at a convention. She was knitting a spectacular creation, full of colors placed in an astonishing way. I could hardly wait for her book to come out so I could learn her inventive “Bargello” way of knitting. And here it is!

knitting book, Bargello Knits

The book’s beginning leads the reader through the genius of Patty’s discovering and refining the Bargello technique. She uses lengths of yarn, carefully cut so colors stack in the desired way. The yarn requirements are quite specific, since placing the colors where you want them is a key element. Patty does a great job of explaining the different color placement on hanks or balls of yarn, and why they’re important to a project’s final outcome.

Patty is a natural teacher. In very clear terms, she guides the reader through the fundamentals of her technique, preparing the knitter for a practice swatch. I easily followed her very clear instructions, from selecting an appropriately-dyed hank (in this case some Lorna’s Laces Sportmate)…

Lorna's Laces Sportmate

…through a little icord test, to a stockinette swatch, to lengths of yarn organized in little baggies, to a final swatch. It’s a testament to Patty’s precise writing style that I was able to pull off the Bargello technique on my first try!

Bargello Swatches

The 28 patterns in Bargello Knits are presented in a way that allows the knitter to build skills. They start with easy hats and scarves, then progress through an adorable skirt, to shawls and lace, and culminate a section of gorgeous sweaters using more advanced techniques.

Now that I’ve added Bargello to my bag of knitting skills, I can try some of the beautiful patterns in the book.

Bargello Knits patterns


Patty Nance’s Bargello Knitworks website goes into detail about yarn recommendations

Individual print and digital sales information, and wholesale inquiries, can be found here: Bargello Knits

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