Sugar Pop Lace Detail

I loved, loved, loved making this colorful Sugar Pop wrap from SweetGeorgia Yarns.  Designer Lisa K. Ross combined a slip stitch pattern, a yarnover pattern and a lace pattern to form jaunty diagonal stripes against a bias-knit background. The design was perfect for taking on vacation – the knitting was easy enough to work on airplanes and outside under a canopy of trees, while also keeping my interest with fun colors and textures.

I couldn’t help but have fun with the colors of Tough Love Sock yarn that Sugar Pop uses. A set of five mini-skeins in the “Jellybean” colorway pops off the neutral “Birch” background. The design makes use of a garter background, with slip-stitch and yarnover stripes framing a section of lace. FWIW, I used a US #6 needle for most of the project, but #5 for the lace section. That way when I blocked the wrap the lace pattern really opened up.

Sugar Pop lace detail

This is one of my shawl/wrap collection that I wear quite often. I may just make another in one of the other beautiful mini-skein sets!