Linen Stitch Scarf Detail 2

When I see some luscious variegated yarn, I love to make the Linen Stitch scarf from my book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues . One side ends up with a woven texture and the other bumpy, with tiny pops of color. Either side is pretty, no matter how the scarf is worn.

Knit Side

One of my favorite yarns to use with this pattern is Malabrigo Rios, this time in the Diana colorway. Like many hand-dyed yarns, different skeins of the same color can be vastly different. Here are the two balls of the Diana colorway that I used. You can see that one is predominantly green, while the other is predominantly red.

Color Differences

There are a couple of ways to handle the different colors. One is to carry both colors up the length of the scarf, alternating balls of yarn every two rows. That gives a homogeneous blend. For this scarf, though, I wanted each color to shine so I alternated balls about every 3″, giving a subtle striped effect.

Alternating Yarn

Sure there were a bunch of tails to weave in, but it was easy to run them down the edge and was well worth the effort.

Scarf Wrapped

Rios is a great choice for scarves since it’s soft.

Linen Stitch Detail 1

This scarf measures 7.5″ x 60″ and used two full skeins. I used US #10 needles, which gave a nice drape.