Though the holidays are long over, I wanted to blog about the most fun project EVER! Jimmy Beans Wool offered a kit that intrigued me…a mystery knit-along that revealed itself through an advent calendar. Called “Craftvent 2017“the advent consisted of a well-made, adorable box with 24 drawers to be opened each day leading up to Christmas. I kept mine on a credenza where I’d see it every evening when I got home:

shawl, Craftvent, Jimmy Beans Wool, MKAL

 Each little drawer held a tantalizing surprise. It was all so well thought out! The first day was a little project bag. Then came needles, and then the first little ball of yarn. By Day 3 we had all the elements to begin the MKAL:

advent, Jimmy Beans Wool, shawl

The knit-along pattern was for a shawl. It was so much fun to knit with a certain yarn for a while, then after a few days have another little ball of yarn in a different color show up. Then we’d knit with that color for a while, according to the pattern.

Craftvent, MKAL, shawl, Jimmy Beans Wool

I loved how the shawl design revealed itself over time. In the meantime, it was a blast to open a new drawer each day to see what little treat was inside. I was delighted by the attention to detail in every element of the advent. For instance, each little drawer had a different color and design on it. Too cute!

 When the last drawer was opened and Christmas Eve was upon us, the shawl was complete. I love wearing it!

Craftvent, MKAL, shawl