You might remember from my previous post that I started the yoke for the Humulus sweater. I altered the pattern’s instructions for starting the neckline and added extra stitches at the shoulders so I could create shoulder “seams” for stability. I love creating structure so the sweater doesn’t get droopy over time!

Here’s the yoke so far:

Humulus yoke

I outlined the two stitches I added for each shoulder seam in pink to make them easy for you to see.

Shoulder seam stitches

Once I use the mattress stitch on these, they will disappear on right side, while forming a nice seam for strength on the wrong side. Again, it’s important to remember not to include these in the pattern’s overall stitch count.

I have a lot of knitting still to go on this sweater. I’ll finish these “seams” and add the neckline ribbing toward the end.