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I’m the Aud of AudKnits. I started knitting in 2004. My dear friend and knitter extraordinaire Margaret taught me my knits and purls while I was laid up from a foot operation. Learning new skills kept my mind busy. Margaret’s friendship turned out to be a precursor of the camaraderie I feel today when I knit with others.
My local yarn shop provides a place for knitters to gather. The store’s owner is gregarious and welcoming – everyday friends come in to knit together. The shop’s teachers have given me the confidence to try new skills over the years. The combination of fun, friendship, and learning has fueled in me a zeal for all things knit.
My first pattern emerged from the shop’s collective mania for sock knitting. The soft, beautiful Tonalita yarn was a favorite among our group. Generic patterns didn’t seem quite right for the yarn, so I wrote an easy pattern that showed off the yarn’s beautiful colors while also giving the knitter three sizes to choose from. I found that there is a lot more to design than I would have imagined!
My artistic friend Mary, with her amazing eye for color, inspired me to create Mary’s Garden Sock. I did not care for fair isle knitting, but all of a sudden it “clicked” in my brain and now I love it. I guess the lesson for me was never to give up on any particular skill. Someday I might enjoy it after all!
Along the way, I’ve come across little tips that have made big differences in how much I love to knit. You’ll find them here on my site as I add them over time. I hope you’ll find them useful too!
I hope you enjoy AudKnits!
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Reversible Scarves, knitting patterns, how to knit, Cooperative Press

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Reversible Scarves, knitting patterns, how to knit, Cooperative Press