If you haven’t seen me around much, it’s because I didn’t think the holidays were busy enough on their own. Noooo, I had to add the next level of the TKGA Hand Knitting Program into the mix. Actually, I’m blaming it all on Cindy, my extraordinary knit-buddy. She started Level 2 first. She showed me the swatches she’d been working on, and then she made the most beautiful vest for the program’s project, and well…I just had to get started myself.

Cindy loves to seam. I think she loves to seam almost more than she loves to knit. (Is she the only one out there to make such an outlandish claim?) Much of Level 2 is about seaming, which is my absolute worst thing. Until now. I’ve finally completed about half the swatches required for Level 2, and I’m beginning to think my seams won’t be so bad in the future. Level 2 is tough, but I love to learn new skills.

TKGA, Master Hand Knitting

I completed Level 1 of the Program back in 2008, along with my friend Adrienne.  The program is a wonderful challenge!

I wish all my lovely readers joyful holidays and happy knitting!