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Aran Gets A Touch of Cashmere

August 31

If you follow my blog, you know I recently released the Aran Reversible Scarf as an individual pattern. I am delighted to announce that it is now available on Knit Picks, using their fabulous Capretta yarn. As you can see in these photos, Capretta has great stitch definition. What you can’t see is that its combination of merino wool, cashmere, and a touch of nylon makes it exceedingly soft.

Aran Reversible Scarf Knit Picks

Using a ribbed cable technique, this scarf is surprisingly easy to work. The stitch pattern is easy to memorize. With cables forming on both sides simultaneously, it seems like a really cool magic trick!


I hope you’ll give this pattern a try. It’s a lot of fun to make!

Aran Reversible Scarf detail

Photography by Gale Zucker

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Knit Picks Scarf & Headband Set

December 4

Mistake Stitch Scarf & Headband Set

Mistake St Set KP

Just in time for winter, I offer you the Knit Picks version of my Mistake Stitch Scarf and Headband set. Super bulky yarn makes for warm and cozy accessories. My scarf and headband designs are quick to knit – just right for gift giving during the busy holiday season. Post-holiday, they’re the simple kinds of projects that we all love to make as we crave relaxation, simplicity and maybe some social knitting with friends. A holiday gift to you is that the pattern is free!

Fans of Knit Picks yarn will love The Big Cozy yarn, a super bulky scrumptious blend of alpaca and wool. It gives nice stitch definition and also softness.

The headband is secured by a button, which you can adjust for just the right fit.

AudKnits scarves

AudKnits scarves

With snow promising to pile up soon, this warm thick scarf is a welcome accessory!

Mistake Stitch scarf

I hope you enjoy this relaxing set of quick knits!


While you’re there, please check out my other Knit Picks patterns, available through their Independent Designers Program.

Photos are by Gale Zucker Photography, © Gale Zucker/AudKnits LLC 2015

Knit Picks The Big Cozy yarn

Teal Mixer

December 16

Sometimes it’s really great to be a scarf designer. I have all sorts of them lying around!

Mixer, Reversible Scarves, Cascade 220

“Mixer”, from my book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues was a great choice for a bitter cold walk through the snowy woods. It’s just the right width, and the Cascade 220 wool kept me toasty.

Mixer, Reversible Scarves, Cascade 220

Winter Woods1

Even when I don’t need it for practical purposes, I have a soft spot for this pattern. The different textures are fun to knit, and I like the scalloped ends. (If I do say so myself!)

Teal Mixer_Detail_sml




Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues “Mixer” pattern

Mixer, Reversible Scarves, scarf, Cascade 220


Cascade 220 yarn

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Cables & Lace Rib Scarf

December 6

Kari’s scarf is done. Hooray! I enjoyed everything about this project. The Cables & Lace Rib pattern is from knit1 Magazine‘s Winter 2007 issue. I love that the pattern is reversible, with both sides being pretty.


Just as the name suggests, one side features cables with lace ribs on the other.

Call me fashion backward, but it took me a while to get used to brown being such a popular color. Now I love it! I used Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash. I always admired Mission Falls’ 1824 Wool, and am so glad they came out with this great DK weight in the same fiber. It’s soft, holds the stitch definition well and drapes nicely. It comes in so many beautiful colors, I’m tempted to start right in on another project. Another scarf? A nice top? (Daydreaming away….) Ok, back to the scarf…  I used US#5 needles for the project, and it ended up being 6″x71″.

   Merry Christmas and lots of love to Kari!



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Kari’s Scarf

November 29

I’m making this scarf for my wonderful niece Kari. She pored over my scarf patterns and selected one from Knit1 Magazine’s Winter 2007 issue. It was part of a nifty article by Charlotte Quiggle about reversible patterns. Kari chose the “Cables and Lace Rib”.

I duly cast on to play with the pattern. Which brings me right away to the head-banging issue of finding errors the hard way. I always think its me. I hope that it wouldn’t take you as long as it took me to figure out that 4 does not equal 5. The pattern says the pattern is a multiple of 9 st + 4. But the ending stitches clearly have to be 5. I just couldn’t make it work! I went online to see if they published a correction. When I couldn’t find one, I still had doubts about whether 4 = 5. After an embarrassingly long time, I altered the pattern and voila! it has been a joy to knit ever since.

Here’s the cable side:

Here’s the lace side:

And here it is in its reversible glory:

A footnote is that I let knit1 Magazine know about the error I found. The publications and/or designers are ususally grateful to find out their boo-boos so they can post corrections.

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Welcome to AudKnits

October 21

I’m so glad you’ve discovered my website! My hope is that you’ll find my blog postings, links, and patterns to be sources of inspiration for your own knitting. I’ll be writing about projects I’m working on, tips that I’ve found to be helpful, and best of all the process of designing patterns.

Pattern designing is the most exciting area for me personally (other than that wonderful race to the finish we all feel as we near the end of a project)! It’s a miracle the way a tiny germ of inspiration winds its way through the design process to become an actual thing. After much trial and error, I send my pattern off to my wonderful tech editor. I think I’ve sent it to her perfect – surely this time I’ve corrected all the errors before they’ve gone out! But noooo. There are always changes I need to make to get the pattern right. I want to make sure that anyone buying a pattern from me is getting the best, most accurate pattern I can possibly create. So I also send the pattern and yarn off to a test knitter who makes further suggestions and refinements.

With cool weather coming, you might enjoy knitting my “Gentle Stripes Scarf”. You can download it for free from my pattern store. I made the scarf at a time when I was making a lot of long flights. I wanted something simple, easily transportable, and pretty enough to keep me entertained. The simple stitch pattern was easy to remember, and the Karaoke yarn changed colors nicely. I hope you’ll find it as soothing to knit as I do!




Reversible Scarves by Audrey Knight

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