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Free Super Bulky Mistake Stitch Scarf & Headband Pattern

October 12

scarf and headband set

As the fall air gives a hint of cold weather to come, my mind turns to winter and holiday projects I’d like to make for friends and family. And let’s face it, I love to knit cozy accessories for myself as well!

My holiday gift to you, beloved AudKnits fans, is a new free pattern featuring a matching reversible scarf and headband set. Made of super bulky yarn, the scarf and headband make for very quick knits that are also perfect for social knitting or keeping occupied while traveling.

I used Plymouth Yarn’s beautiful Galway Roving. It has a nice loft for extra warmth and knits up on size US #13/9mm straight needles.

super bulky scarf

The matching headband knits up in no time. It is worked flat with a single button which can be sewn on where needed to adjust the length to your liking. The headband includes a schematic.

super bulky headband

I hope you enjoy this pattern. Happy knitting, everyone!

Download the pattern for free from

Mistake St Set Cover


Photos © galezucker/ AudKnits 2015

Check out Gale Zucker Photography to see more of Gale’s incredible photography.

Holiday “Aran” Scarf

December 9

I’ve been saving this one for the holidays – the deep red color is perfectly festive! I used Swans Island Natural Colors in the fingering weight to make the “Aran” pattern from my Reversible Scarves book. This is one of my favorite patterns, as the cables are truly reversible. The scarf took me less time to make than I would have thought. The pattern looks complicated, but is actually very easy to memorize.

knitting pattern, reversible, reversible scarf, cables, reversible cables

I’m not usually a fan of using tone-on-tone yarn in a cable pattern. The Swans Island color variations were so subtle, though, I love the end result.

Stripes for Fall

October 20


I had a blast playing with color combinations to come up with a Fall variation for the “Bold Stripes” scarf from my Reversible Scarves book.

reversible scarf, Rowan Felted Tweed DK


As you can see, I had a Spring color palette in mind when I designed the original “Bold Stripes” scarf for the book. Quite the transformation, isn’t it!

Bold Stipes, reversible scarf, knitting pattern



I love Rowan Felted Tweed DK. In case you’d like to make one of your own, here are the colors I used to replace the ones called for in the pattern:

A: 154 Ginger
B: 150 Rage
C: 151 Bilberry
D: 161 Avocado
E: 145 Treacle
F: 160 Gilt

Spring palette photo from book by Caro Sheridan



Surprise Stripes Scarf

October 8

As the October air takes on a chill, I’m reminded to start knitting scarves for the upcoming winter.

One of the patterns I have the most fun knitting from my book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues is the double-knit “Surprise Stripes”. Here, I chose Universal Yarn’s Classic Shades in the Grapevine colorway. I love how the colors blend from one to the next. For the solid, I grabbed some white Rowan RYC Cashsoft DK from my stash.

knitting scarf reversible

Everyone who sees the pattern expresses delight when they realize the stripes are horizontal on one side of the scarf and vertical on the other. How can that be?!

knitting scarf reversible

This is one of those designs which looks complicated but is actually very easy. It’s simple to memorize, making it excellent for social or travel knitting. And it’s fun to try different kinds of yarn.

Happy New Year Scarf

December 30

There’s nothing like an easy knit in party colors to ring in the New Year. I made this Composite Stripe scarf (from my book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues) out of Feza Alp Oriental in the #13 colorway. The great thing about the yarn is that it comes with all kinds of different yarns on one ball. Mixed in with plied solids are bouclé’s, metallics, and even a subtle trace of eyelash yarn. The colors are a delightful mix of reds with some turquoises, a hint of teal and some yellows thrown in. Each ball is like a party unto itself. Just one ball of Alp Oriental makes the entire scarf.

reversible scarf, Feza


AudKnits “Verticality” Scarf


If you have a bunch of fun yarns in your stash, you can also create this super-easy scarf by holding different yarns together as you knit.

Happy New Year!



Composite Stripes pattern from Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues

Feza Alp Oriental yarn

John Kieger Photography

Cables & Lace Rib Scarf

December 6

Kari’s scarf is done. Hooray! I enjoyed everything about this project. The Cables & Lace Rib pattern is from knit1 Magazine‘s Winter 2007 issue. I love that the pattern is reversible, with both sides being pretty.


Just as the name suggests, one side features cables with lace ribs on the other.

Call me fashion backward, but it took me a while to get used to brown being such a popular color. Now I love it! I used Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash. I always admired Mission Falls’ 1824 Wool, and am so glad they came out with this great DK weight in the same fiber. It’s soft, holds the stitch definition well and drapes nicely. It comes in so many beautiful colors, I’m tempted to start right in on another project. Another scarf? A nice top? (Daydreaming away….) Ok, back to the scarf…  I used US#5 needles for the project, and it ended up being 6″x71″.

   Merry Christmas and lots of love to Kari!



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Kari’s Scarf

November 29

I’m making this scarf for my wonderful niece Kari. She pored over my scarf patterns and selected one from Knit1 Magazine’s Winter 2007 issue. It was part of a nifty article by Charlotte Quiggle about reversible patterns. Kari chose the “Cables and Lace Rib”.

I duly cast on to play with the pattern. Which brings me right away to the head-banging issue of finding errors the hard way. I always think its me. I hope that it wouldn’t take you as long as it took me to figure out that 4 does not equal 5. The pattern says the pattern is a multiple of 9 st + 4. But the ending stitches clearly have to be 5. I just couldn’t make it work! I went online to see if they published a correction. When I couldn’t find one, I still had doubts about whether 4 = 5. After an embarrassingly long time, I altered the pattern and voila! it has been a joy to knit ever since.

Here’s the cable side:

Here’s the lace side:

And here it is in its reversible glory:

A footnote is that I let knit1 Magazine know about the error I found. The publications and/or designers are ususally grateful to find out their boo-boos so they can post corrections.

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Reversible Scarves by Audrey Knight

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