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December 1

Toward the end of November I found myself  home in California (finally!) long enough to take two classes from Jared Flood, also known in the knitting community as Brooklyn Tweed. Besides Thanksgiving, Jared was one of the reasons I came back from Ohio at all. (Don’t tell him that – he’ll think I’m stalking him or something.) Jared was hosted by the fabulous Santa Barbara yarn and tea shop called Loop & Leaf.

The first class I took included  colorwork instruction using the Beaumont Tam/Beanie as the project. This is a lovely stranded pattern from Jared’s book Made in Brooklyn. Using Classic Elite’s Fresco, it has a slightly fuzzy look thanks to the yarn’s bit-of-angora mix. All I can say is that I feel like “AudKnits, Home of the Wonky Stitches” every time I knit stranded patterns. Including my own. I have to have faith that blocking will work its usual magic on my tam. Despite this photo’s depiction, the hat pattern is gorgeous – you can check it out in the book or among the projects on Ravelry.


The second class was based on Jared’s pattern Girasole. Described as “A traditional lace shawl”, the pattern is stunning and can be made up as a blanket, rather than a shawl, by using worsted yarn. I’m trying it in Cascade Pastaza. Jared explained that the llama content in Pastaza will make this a heavy blanket. (Sounds just right for Ohio winters.)  I’m making it in a rust color I never would have chosen except for a certain friend who (correctly) chastised me for being so predictable in always going for greens and blues. So there.

The coolest technique I learned in the Girasole class was the circular center cast on for Girasole. That and the various ways to put a lifeline into the work.


This thing is going to be huge when it grows up! It looks square now just because it hasn’t graduated to circular needles yet. Do you think I should aim for the next World Series as a completion date? Knitting blankets while my husband watches baseball seems to be a tradition now.

Koolhaas Hat

March 18

As I knitted Jared Flood’s Koolhaas Hat I wanted to break out into all sorts of Discovery Channel-like descriptions…”A Marvel of Modern Engineering”… “Structural Design at its Best”…

One of my favorite things about making Koolhaas was getting to the top. As I arrived at the decreases that shape the top of the hat, it started to dawn on my how brilliant Jared’s design is.


If you’d like to read Jared’s fascinating post about how his Koolhaas design evolved, you can find it here.

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Kool Hat Workshop

January 22

Taking Jared Flood (brooklyntweed) ‘s workshop on his wonderful KoolHaas Hat pattern reminded me a little bit of summer camp. I remember as a kid being all excited about learning some new craft – making popsicle stick recipe holders or plastic lanyards.

Fast forward, er, a bunch of years. Here we were, eagerly sitting around tables with our materials in front of us – in the grownup version it was yarn and needles – being taught the basics of travelling stitches. Jared showed us how to work his cables without a cable needle. It’s awkward at first, and I think I untwisted some of the twisted stitches when I couldn’t hang onto them. But it’s much faster than having to use the cable needle for every twisted stitch all the way around the hat. Jared is a terrific teacher – he is enthusiastic and explains things well.

I’ve been busy doing some other projects, like the never-ending Make It Mitered Afgan. So here’s the Koolhaas Hat so far.

If you’re interested in seeing how to make cables without a cable needle, and you don’t happen to have Jared handy to show you (boo-hoo), you might like to check out Episode 15 of Let’s Knit2gether.

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