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New Mexico Scenery

November 12

Here are a few more photos from my time at Camp Stitches at the Tamaya Resort north of Albuquerque. What a gorgeous place!




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Camp Stitches Day 3

November 8

Our final day at Camp Stitches.

Our Color Knitting class with Franklin Habit covered even more color knitting techniques. By the time the workshop was over, he had brilliantly led us to the intersection of color theory and inspiration. We learned an array of techniques to use our new-found understanding on. Our swatches were added to the yarn buffet as the weekend went on.


Everyone agrees the weekend went by too fast. Until next year…


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Camp Stitches Day 2

November 7

The campers at Camp Stitches had a half day of instruction. My class with Franklin Habit enjoyed becoming de-intimidated by intarsia, using the color theories we learned yesterday.

I spent my afternoon wandering around the hiking paths at the Tamaya Resrt where we’re staying. I was especially interested to find the wonderful horse rehabilitation program that a big-hearted woman named Connie Collis runs. I have a soft spot in my heart for horses, and hope that people who can help Connie out with a donation will do so.


The stables at Tamaya not only offer horseback rides but also shelter some unusual strays. Ever hear of rescue chickens before?


 Apparently the chickens do not want any pesky goats invading their territory.


The goats have a home of their own.


They don’t need no silly chickens to have a good time!


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Camp Stitches Day 1

November 6

I’m in New Mexico to take part in Camp Stitches. It’s three days of intensive instruction and all-around knitting camaraderie. The location, north of Albuquerque, is spectacular.

My first day at camp began this way:

New Mexico


The 3-day workshop I’m taking is Franklin Habits’s Color Knitting. We  were greeted by a giant array of colors and got to play with them all day.


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Little Sweaters for Knitting Camp

June 29

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that in a couple of days I’m off to Knitting Camp. The optional homework is one or two mini sweaters. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on both…one’s a yoke and one’s a drop-shoulder.

The little yoke sweater calls for corrugated ribbing. I’ve always liked the look of corrugated ribbing, but had never done it before. I appreciate that the instructions for the sweater are not overly specific. It gives me the chance to try different options, including how I work the first row or two and join the second color.

I love getting to learn some of the famous Elizabeth Zimmerman techniques that I’ve heard so much about. Working the faux seam had me delving into another of her books, this time Knitting Workshop, to learn her technique. It’s very clever, and I can see how it would not only lend structure to the sweater but also make it easier to block.

knitting camp, mini sweater

I haven’t gotten as far in the drop-shoulder sweater. So far it’s just a tube, waiting to get steeked. Eek a steek! I’ll wait until camp is in session to learn more about steeking before I cut the fabric. I’ve always been intimidated by steeking, and hope I will get over my phobia by the end of camp!

 Elizabeth Zimmerman, knitting camp

I’ve wanted to go to Knitting Camp forever. It’s hard to believe its almost time for me to head to Wisconsin. I can’t wait to meet the folks from Schoolhouse Press and the other “campers”!

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Linen Stitch Class and Trunk Show in Cleveland

June 23

I’m looking forward to teaching my Linen Stitch class at the Ewes d’Bleu yarn store in Pepper Pike, Ohio!

The class is on Sunday, July 26th starting promptly at 11:00 am. It includes lunch. Yum!

linen stitch, workshop, how to knit, reversible, scarf pattern

Description: One of my all-time favorite stitch patterns for scarves is the linen stitch. It’s perfect for variegated yarn, is attractive on both sides, and lies flat. Its versatility can be seen in the photos above – all three scarves are made from this one simple stitch, yet have completely different looks!  Using the technique and pattern from my book, I’ll show you how to create the stitch, step by step. Then you’ll be set free to experiment and, if you want, to start a project scarf. The Ewes d’Bleu staff can help you select yarn to make your scarf, whether you’d like tone-on-tone, variegated, or textured. They’ll also help with needle size selection, as the linen stitch requires about 2 sizes bigger than what the yarn calls for on the ball band.

If you’re interested in taking the class, you can sign up on the Ewes d’Bleu’s registration page or stop in. Or for more information, call (216) 319-6559. Ewes d’Bleu is located in Pepper Pike at 30559 Pinetree Road, Suite 206 (Second Floor).

Samples from my book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues will be on display during the days leading up to the class. I’ll be signing books after class.

Come see the wide variety of techniques my book has to offer! With over 30 patterns, there’s something for everyone.

Reversible Scarves, trunk show, Ball & Skein & More, Cambria, kniting scarves

In other news, Christina B. is the winner of the lovely Kristin Omdahl Giveaway. Congratulations!

Knitting Alfresco with EZ

June 15

I’m finding it difficult to read Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac without being outdoors. I love how connected she was to nature. Her tales of the family’s outdoor adventures, and knitting outside, are endearing to the nature-lover in me.

A quote: “In a travelling canoe one cannot write.”

How can I resist?

A few days ago, when it was a lovely almost-summer day, it seemed fitting to work on my homework for Meg Swansen’s Knitting Camp in the woods at the base of one of my favorite trees.

Knitter's Almanac, knitting camp

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Peonies and EZ Reading. Sublime.

June 9

With giddy anticipation I look forward to Knitting Camp in July. Started by Elizabeth Zimmerman as a weekend knitting course 42 years ago, it is now taught by her daughter Meg Swansen.

I have heard about “EZ”s EPS (Percentage System) for many years, I have never studied it. I’ll read a couple of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books before camp starts, and am already enthralled with Knitter’s Almanac.

To add to the joy of reading this warm-hearted book, my peonies are blooming. These lovelies take the sting out of leaving my California garden. I love their ethereal petals.

You can see the lovely red commemorative edition of Knitter’s Almanac that my very thoughtful husband gave me. I’m already wearing it out. I think EZ would approve.

Knitters Almanac, peonies

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Yarn Discovery Tour and Travelling Stitches

September 6

I adore the North Coast Knitting Guild in Northeast Ohio. It’s a very active group, with all kinds of activities and lots of very talented knitters. The Guild regularly offers fantastic workshops. Today I was lucky enough to take Candace Eisner Strick’s class on travelling stitches. She has a unique way of working some of the stitches so that the left- and right-travelling stitches match each other better than in the traditional method.

Right after class I embarked on my very first Yarn Discovery Tour. I’ve heard about it for years, and am determined to finally participate. Knitting on the Square (affectionately known as KNOTS) in Chardon was my first stop on the Tour. I’ve been looking for a variegated yarn in fall colors, and scored big time with these lovely skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy in the “Flight of the Maple Seed” colorway. Serendipity!

Dream in Color yarn, Smooshy


KNOTS is a warm, inviting store owned by the very talented designer Kate Jackson.  I can’t wait to go back!

Having procured my YDT passport and my first stamp, I have “only” 16 more to go. Good thing we have until September 20th!

Paso Robles Earthquake 10 Years Ago

December 22

December 22, 2003 at 11:15 am…Our lives changed forever when a magnitude 6.5 earthquake visited such violence upon our home that it took two years to rebuild. And still, we were the lucky ones. My heart goes out to the families of the women who were killed downtown, and hope that the people who were injured have recovered.

My husband worked in downtown Paso Robles, right across the street from the worst damage. Like the historic buildings that collapsed, the building that house his office was made of brick. A fire occurred in the building a few years earlier, and I will be forever grateful to the owner for reinforcing all the masonry at the time he repaired the fire damage. Even with the reinforcement, the building wasn’t safe to enter for quite some time. Who knows whether Steve would still be here if the repairs hadn’t been made.

These photos are ones my husband took at of the clock tower in Paso Robles some months before the earthquake, and then after:

Earthquake 1 024

You can see in people’s body language and expressions just how disorienting and frightening it was.Earthquake

The oddest things freaked me out about this. For one thing, what happened to all the tree branches? For another, see the chair in the rubble to the right of Pan Jewelers? This was the local bread bakery. We, along with so many others, kept saying to each other, “But we used to sit right there,” wide-eyed with the capricious nature of close calls.

House of Bread


At the time of the earthquake, I was a Red Cross disaster volunteer. I shoveled my house into a dumpster by day and manned the Red Cross truck downtown by night.  It was very cold, and there were a lot of young sheriff and police guys guarding the downtown. The coolest thing I have ever seen happened about 3:00 in the morning one of those nights. Someone – I believe it was the wonderful owner of Pan Jewelers – brought a Christmas tree, all decorated, and propped it up outside the store. Here, his business had been wrecked and yet he did this incredible thing so the guys who couldn’t be with their families could enjoy a little Christmas. Amazing.

As for our house…. Well, it’s never good when FEMA stops by and declares that yours is the damage that qualifies the disaster for National Emergency status.

I will forever be grateful to our friends who got us through the damage and the trauma. Our wonderful neighbors took us and our four cats in for a month until we could find a house to rent. The rental house was a single story, unlike our wrecked house. So I thought it would be a good time to get some foot surgery done that I had been putting off. That led to learning to knit so I’d have something to do during the weeks of recuperation.

And the rest is history.

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SLO Yarn Crawl is Almost Here

September 17

Five yarn shops in San Luis Obispo County have banded together to organize the very first SLO Yarn Crawl this weekend.   Here’s the skinny

When: Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22 from 10AM to 5PM
Where: The 5 yarn shops in SLO County
Why: To have fun, and get to know your fiber neighbors!

How It Works tells about visiting the stores and entering to win prizes. Be sure to download the Passport from the Home page so you can get it stamped as you visit each store.

I’m thrilled to be participating in the Yarn Crawl. Ranch Dog Knitting will host the trunk show for my book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues. Have you ever wondered what all those scarves look like in person? I hope you’ll come by and check them out. Then, on Saturday the 21st, I’ll be signing books at Ranch Dog from 1:00 to 3:00. Stop by by for tea and a visit.

Reversible Scarves, trunk show, Ball & Skein & More, Cambria, kniting scarves

If you’re anywhere near the Central Coast this weekend, I hope you’ll attend!

TNNA Columbus

June 21


I’m SUPER excited to be here in Columbus at TNNA (for my non-knitting friends, that’s the big industry trade show featuring all kinds of needle arts).

Tomorrow I have a book signing at the Unicorn booth! Their reserved tickets are all gone, but if you’d like to attend you can stop by their booth ahead of time and ask whether they might have a few left to give out. I’m very grateful to Unicorn for this opportunity!

For the first time, TNNA offered a Professional Development class for knitwear designers. Jill Wolcott and Jeane DeCoster taught us the (k)nitty gritty of sizing, using spreadsheets to help with the numbers and (gulp) math for writing patterns for multiple sizes. Both have extensive experience in the fashion industry and imparted a tremendous amount of knowledge. It was a fantastic class, and one I’m sure my tech editors will appreciate my having taken!


TNNA (The National Needle Arts Association)

Unicorn Books & Crafts (wholesale book distributor)

Jill Wolcott Knits

Jeane DeCoster and her hand dyed yarns at Elemental Affects

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