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It’s A “Newt” Day

November 30


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May 10

For the past several weeks, I’ve watched a mama chipmunk dash in and out of her underground nest with goodies to feed to her young. The babies finally emerged to explore their world.

Is it safe to come out now?

Chipmunk 3

The children stay close to Mom while they check out their new surroundings.

Chipmunk 1

Sibling Kisses

Chipmunk 2

Mama dashes back into the den

Chipmunk 4





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Baby Time

April 3

This gal has been hanging out on our lawn a lot lately. I think she’ll be giving birth very soon! The other day her belly was moving around a lot – she was either breathing heavily or her baby (s) are kicking.


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Sheeps’ Crossing

November 15

A few weeks ago the sheep were sent out to graze the fields harvested near where we live. I love seeing them every year!

 Over the Hills_2



 Traffic JamTraffic Jam 1



Off to Work

      Sheep Mob


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The People Watcher

June 19

I adore this grey horse. He always has his head sticking out of his stall – a big friendly people watcher.

Grey Horse 1

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Who Stole Summer?

September 22

Ok, whoever you are, fess up. You stole summer while I wasn’t looking. I want it back.

I feel like my husband’s photographs form bookmarks around an entire missing season.

In the spring a coyote family moved into one of our culverts in California. Here you can see one of them (the boy, I bet) stepping on the other (probably a sister). I love his impish look, and her howling in protest.

Coyote Pups: Photo by Steve Ells

It seems like one minute we’re laughing at coyote pups frolicking near the culvert, the next we’re in Ohio  seeing this:

Early Fall: Photo by Steve Ells

We love hiking on the wonderful trails we’re discovering in Northeast Ohio. I think my husband captured perfectly the end of summer, with its field of yellow flowers on one side of the path, and the beginning of fall, with leaves starting to turn, on the other side.

Somewhere in between, a whole summer occurred.

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Knab Fingerless Gloves Resurrection

August 2

Finally I’m getting around to starting the second of my Knab Fingerless Mitts. Here’s the first one:

My impetus? I joined the Knit Like A Latvian group on Ravelry. As luck would have it, there is a KAL coming up which the renowned Lzbeth Upitis will moderate. What a fun opportunity to learn how to knit a beautiful Latvian style of mitten.

The problem is, I’m all out of project bags. Which means I need to finish something to make room. I might as well finish a stranded project, and that narrows things down to theses mitts. I love all the Jamieson colors I chose for these mitts, and its fun to become re-acquainted with them. Jimmy D thinks so too. He usually reserves his yarn-mauling for alpaca. But all these balls of Jamieson made an irresistible nest.

knitting, Knab fingerless gloves, Art of Fair Isle Knitting, Jameison

The project happened to be in his favorite sunny spot. He rearranged the yarn until it was just right for a nap.


July 20

Our little buddy who feeds on the flowers on our patio, and defends his turf from his perch in the oak tree. Don’t you love his cute little feet?

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Nap Time in the Garden of AudKnits

June 15

I’m busy designing stuff that I can’t show you. Phooey. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy some Critter Interludes.

Here, the deer make themselves at home in our front yard. When we re-landscaped after the earthquake, I made sure the plantings were wildlife friendly. Enough grows here that we don’t miss whatever the wildlife munch on.

The deer don’t eat the lavender, but they love to sleep next to it, although I haven’t seen them there for some time. This was in spring before they had their babies, so maybe it’s a pregnancy thing, like craving ice cream. Or maybe now that they’ve given birth they’re just too busy chasing after the youngsters to nap.

Whispering sweet nothings.

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Taking Care of Each Other

September 23

I haven’t been posting much. My mother had a massive stroke at the end of July, so I’ve mostly been out of state taking care of her.

No knitting pictures this week, but I do have a couple of critter photos. 

Mama looking after her babies





The sheep are back!

Shepherd watching over his flock


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Portraits of a Goat

June 8

Ok. I know this blog is supposed to be about knitting. But how could I concentrate on knitting when I have this delightful guy romping around the yard? He wanted to come in and share our breakfast this morning.


You may remember that the goat was scared off from the place he used to live and wandered miles to end up at our house. He’s officially ours now, which means I can find him a good home. I posted notices at the feed stores. Some people called who want him for meat. NO WAY! Can you imagine such a thing? (Note, he DID find his way to one of the few vegetarian households on the Central Coast!)

Do you think he’s aware of how cute he is as he plays King of the Hill?


I wanted to take lots of pictures before he goes off to live at a ranch/vineyard that I think will be taking him this week. He’s gone from being terrified of people, to being a complete love bug. He lets me hug him and goes on walks with us. Here he’s learning to test his tree climbing skills.


The new place keeps their animals forever – they tend to live out long, natural lives there. Sounds just right. But I don’t think it’ll be as picturesque.


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Portland Yarn Heaven and a Goat Moves In

May 20

This weekend in Portland was Yarn Heaven. I attended the TKGA Knit & Crochet Show, taking some great classes and checking out the wares in the shopping area. It’s like a mini Stitches event. The market is smaller, but I got to see some wonderful locally produced yarns. The classes are smaller too, which gave me a chance to learn more.


I met up with my friend Alana, who you probably know as Nevernotknitting. We did a major Yarn Crawl, spanning a 24-hour period of fiber bliss. Happily, yarn stores in Portland stay open late. So on Thursday night we hit Dublin Bay, which was a beautiful store featuring lots of my favorite Rowan yarns.  Sadly, I didn’t get a photo inside the store. A blogger without a camera is, well, a space cadet I guess.

Next came one of my all-time favorite places on the planet – Knit Purl.


We stayed until closing at 9pm, hoping they’d just lock us in and let us browse and knit until they re-opened the next morning.

We saw so much yarn on Friday that I swear by the end of the day if someone had waved free cashmere in front of me, I would have missed it.

Here we are at the first stop, Twisted. Alana’s natural sense of style has her perfectly color coordinated with the sign.


The next store deserves a posting of its own, which I promise to get to another time. Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks is incredible – a large store with a deli in it (yarn AND food? oh my!), and its own line of hand dyed yarns. This “Socks Without Borders” afghan will be auctioned off at the Sock Summit to benefit Doctors Without Borders.


My trip home was… eventful. I adore taking Amtrak’s Coast Starlight from Portland to my home in California. I get a sleeping compartment and for 24 hours I have my own little world of knitting, gorgeous scenery, and no distractions. This time, however, there was a freight train derailment ahead of us. Apparently when cars fall off the tracks, it puts a kink in the rails. They must have worked like mad to pick up the freight cars and put in new rails. I would loved to have watched that whole operation! Still, we were 11 hours late getting home.

And then when I did get home I found this guy who had decided to claim our terrace as his new residence. He ran away from home and walked a long way to find to find the area’s biggest pushovers.


I have to go buy alfalfa now…

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